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We make this cake from June to September, while the most ripe and fragrant blueberries are in season. Berry layers with lemon zest, are stacked with vanilla mascarpone frosting and topped with 500 grams of fresh blueberries. The gluten free version of this cake is available upon request.

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8 people:

from 50 Eur

14 people:

from 65 Eur

20 people:

from 90 Eur

25 people:

from 110 Eur

30 people:

from 125 Eur

2-tiered for 25 people:

from 135 Eur

2-tiered for 30 people

from 165 Eur

2-tiered for 35 people:

from 190 Eur

2-tiered for 40 people:

from 220 Eur

2-tiered for 50 people:

from 275 Eur

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