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It was summer of 2013 when arbOOz bakery first opened its doors to meet and greet the first customers. Although originally planned as a small boutique cafe, specializing just in hand-made macarons, cakes and cupcakes, it soon has become a hotspot for city’s desserts connoisseurs. In just a few months after opening, arbOOz was chosen as one of the 12 brands representing Riga – European Capital of Culture 2014 for the travelling exhibition organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia. We are still incredibly honored and proud beyond measures!

The founder of arbOOz and the executive pastry chef - Karina Krasovitska - is indeed a happy person — she has transformed her passion into a lifetime business adventure, being able to create something she loves for others to enjoy. In the early morning she will be in the cafe’s kitchen baking desserts, creating a seasonal offering, designing corporate identity - this is she succeeds so much better at than in writing texts about herself in the 3rd person.

In the first year we’ve sold about 60 thousand sweet delights and 12 thousand drinks (by the way, a macaron box of 15 pieces is considered as one 1 item). The number of seats at our place has not changed since then – there are only 10 plus a summer terrace. The available range, on the other hand, has broadened markedly and continues to grow thanks to seasonal novelties. Lime tartlets with cloud meringue, pistachio éclairs, our signature carrot cake we have on the menu very Tuesday, macarons with strawberry and basil, berry mousses, coconut panna cotta, salted caramels, passion fruit marshmallows, green tea matcha cake, spicy Christmas cupcakes with cranberries and candied ginger, as well as blackcurrant meringue – believe me, we have many things to satisfy your sweet cravings.